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Three Ways To Go Snorkeling

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One of the appealing things about the water sport of snorkeling is that there are all sorts of adventures that you can pursue. While you can have fun simply swimming around a local body of water while wearing snorkeling gear, you may wish to try other ways of snorkeling. Depending on where you are, there may be lots of fun opportunities to add a new twist to your snorkeling adventures. Here are three different options that you could try. Read More»

3 Benefits Of Taking Your Homeschoolers On A Washington DC Group Tour

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Forming a learning group offers you the benefit of being able to have more control over your child’s education without sacrificing their social life. Your educational arrangement also provides your group with more time to get out and explore the world. Taking a field trip every now and then keeps everyone from getting bored, and you can easily find ways to tie your excursions to the things that your group is learning. Read More»

Educational Things to Do in a Mountainous Region

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Pairing a trip to a mountainous region with educational activities that teach your children about the natural features or cultural history of the land can be inspirational. Choose some things to do that will encourage you and your loved ones to work together while exploring the outdoors. Bark Rubbings and Specimen Collections Brochures that list outdoor activities that are family friendly may highlight the native tree and plant specimens that can be found within a park or a forested area that contains walking trails. Read More»

5 Questions To Help Choose The Right Destination Wedding Date

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Once you have an idea where you want to hold your destination wedding, the next step will be choosing a date. Picking a date for any wedding can be a challenge, but the added time and money commitments of a destination wedding make it even more important. To help you choose the right time for your nuptials, here are five questions to answer.  1. Is There One Special Date?  First of all, is there any particular date that would be special to you? Read More»